Boy, the Garage Sure is Dirty.

These are the realizations you have when you find out you won’t have a job at the end of the month.  Sadly, the company that I loved working for so much has decided to close its doors.  As it turns out, businesses need clients to pay the bills and when you don’t have any clients then I guess you have to stop paying your employees.  Unfortunately for everyone the realization of a slow down came to late and instead of layoffs the partners decided we had to close down completely.  I have to thank them for all that they’ve provided to my wife and I as we’ve been very blessed through this job.  As one door closes another opens.

One of the best things about being in IT is the IT recruiters.  Apparently, if you’re articulate and have a good resume they’re all over finding a job for you.  So between looking yourself and having the assistance of a couple recruiting outfits I’ll be back to work in no time.  I’m totally at peace with the situation.  As Beth and I have been saving up our money towards an adoption we have been blessed to have a little money to back us up.  We’ve been living on just one pay check, mine, for the last 8 or so months, and as my pay check ends hers begins with the new school year so we will be just fine in the mean time.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind taking off the next two months to hunt! When will I ever get this opportunity again?!  Chances are I’ll have an offer I can’t turn down so I can’t complain, I have to accept God’s blessings as He presents them to us.  He has taken great care of us to this point, we can’t ignore the graces He sends our way for our own selfish desires.

In the mean time, the garage was completely cleaned and looks great.  There are some finishing touches that needed to happen before the winter kicks off here in Upstate NY but otherwise that is mission one completed.  Next is to clean the entire house from dog sitting for the last week.  Four dogs is insanity.  I miss my two original dogs but they’re much better off in the wide open spaces at my parents.

For today, I’m going to enjoy God’s blessings of having family in from California, Florida, and other places I don’t often get to see everyone.  It’s the little things in life.

My Mac is dying and I didn’t bring a charger.  Good’nuff for now!

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