New Job and New Home Prospects

Well, it was pretty short lived, I’m just bad at updating the blog.  I had about a week off before one of the clients that my company was contracted under picked me up on another contract through another third party.  That only lasted two months before the company itself decided to take me on full time, so I’m happy to have a stable position in a big company.  I think I might stay a long while.  I’m loving the team I work under and I’m expanding my certification base so I should be very secure for future work, should the time arise that I should have to move on (which I hope is never, I plan on making my current employer my career base).

That’s good because, as we’re looking forward to pursuing the adoption route we’re also looking at moving out into the country and having a little homestead.  A 65 acre property with a home built in 1850 and a couple of barns fell into our lap and we’ve decided to pursue that as well.  I’ll get to keep my job since I can work remote, but Beth will have to find a new school district to transfer into.  We’re hoping this is the right move, and I’m confident she’ll find something relatively soon, I just hope it’s a librarian job and not a teaching job because that’s what she truly loves.  All the same, the short term sacrifices we’re going to make will be for the betterment of having a beautiful home that we can bring a family up in.  Pictures on the house will hopefully be coming in the near future.  Things are still in the negotiation phase so I suppose anything could happen but we’re praying extra hard that God has this property picked out for us.

That’s really it for now. Here are some random pictures because a post with out pics is pretty boring.

Jason on tractor

A tractor my Dad bought from the very same farm we’re looking to buy. We might be needing to buy it back, we sure know he doesn’t need 3 tractors.

Dem bones dem bones

The dog’s obsession as of late. They wouldn’t mind 65 acres to run around on.

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