The dogs life: Eating, sleeping, bunk beds?

Give an inch and they take half of the bed. Who knew two little dogs would take up so much bed space? Probably any dog owner that has ever let their dogs sleep up on their bed. Turns out that when you let two dogs sleep on the bed with two adults it’s only proper sharing etiquette that the space is divided evenly between the number of bodies in the bed. It wasn’t that great of a night’s sleep to say the least, and I quote Beth when I say “That’s never going to happen again!” So what does any sensible dog owner do? Just kick them off the bed! Exactl… errr wait… no. You make them bunk beds. Right?! Of course!

Thanks again Pinterest for the idea to make the PVC dog beds, and for the next logical step, making bunk beds. A quick note guys, don’t let Pinterest be just for the ladies, there is some pretty awesome stuff there. Beth totally turned me on to Pinning and there is all kinds of cool little projects. The nice thing is it’s still an image site but it links you to the site that has the info on what you want to make/do, but I digress. So in our excitement, we set out to Home Depot to find the pieces that we need to build this thing. Missions fail. Home depot was missing an essential piece so we decided to pick it up the next day. We didn’t have a lot planned for the weekend and this was a project that was perfect for the day. After we got our running around done I set off on building bunk beds and Beth worked on making our dinner. Insert the post that we forgot to post here, about a mustard crusted pork loin and some kicking roasted veg. We’re new at this blogging thing and when you sent out to do a food focused blog you should probably take pictures of your food to post, so that post didn’t really happen. See the previous post to see both of the pork and the veg incorporated into an awesome soup. More digressing.

After we had our bits and pieces to build, I was working along well until home improvement syndrome struck. It’s common knowledge that you can’t make one run to a home improvement store, and in true form I didn’t quite estimate enough length of PVC so I set out for a quick run around the block to pick up some more. Thankfully Home Depot is really close buy and 10 feet of PVC is common and cheap. Just prior to leaving I had to make sure Beth wasn’t dying. I heard some coughing before the door burst open and Beth was gasping for air. Turns out one of the peppers that came in the CSA box wasn’t sweet and someone accidently pepper sprayed her self. I walked into the kitchen and immediately started sneezing. We had some habaneros and man were they potent! After I made sure Beth could breathe, I ran out to grab the rest of the dog bed supplies.

I cut up the rest of the pipe and joined it all together and everything was coming together nicely. The real question was how do we suspend the dogs up on the bed and what they’re sleeping on was addressed earlier in the previous day. Beth had a giant dog bed for two little corgis so the big idea was to just cut it in half and sew the cut ends up. It worked well! Perfect corgis sized beds! We originally thought it might be a good idea to just string up some netting with some rope, but that didn’t work too well and Chubby wasn’t so hot on the idea. Chubby is definitely a top bunk kind of dog. Thankfully Beth has some quarter inch plywood in the garage and a circular saw and we just measured up a board and cut it up. It was perfect. Chubby was completely happy with the top bunk now, because it was super stable.

It took a couple nights, but the boys slept all night long in their top and bottom bunks. Chubby was totally happy being up there and we’re just happy to be able to get a full, restful, night’s sleep. It could use some refining but all in all, it’s done.

In progress with Roscoe doing some bottom bunk testing.

In progress with Roscoe doing some bottom bunk testing.

Finished product, with both dogs testing each bunk, even if you can't see Roscoe, he's there.

Finished product, with both dogs testing each bunk, even if you can’t see Roscoe, he’s there.

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