How to grow house plants: Beth and Jason style.

Some of you out there have a hard time growing house plants or, at the very least, keeping them alive. Beth used to have this issue and would talk about how she’s killed two previous rosemary bushes, and other various house plants. Turns out, she just need to have me come into her life. It’s really a good cop bad cop routine. Beth half kills them and then I give them light and water. They grow so stinking fast because they’re so happy to be alive! The third rosemary bush was completely dried out. I stuck the little bugger next to a window and started watering it regularly and the thing is growing new shoots like crazy! I trimmed all of the dead growth off and cooked with the dried edible parts. The roast potatoes I made with them were delicious. That is the reason why we grow herbs anyways so we might as well use them.

We also have a couple of experiments going on around the house. We’re turning into little suburban homesteaders. I plugged a couple of squash seeds into the ground and got two brand new shoots to pop up. One didn’t make it but the other seems to be super happy! Beth ordered a bunch of seeds and we’ve been planning to get things started but life has been super busy and the weather really hasn’t been cooperating. With everything going on this summer we might not get to it until next year, that post is coming to explain why. The other fun thing we have is we have homemade maple syrup in the works, again that is a future post when I have a bit more time.

Update (4 months later): So this post may have been a draft for a while. I intended to post pictures of lush rosemary bushes and happy squash plants. Well that didn’t work out, it would have turned out to be a post in memory of Mr Rosemary T. Bush. Sadly, and for good reason, I have neglected my watering and light monitoring duties (reasons for said neglect in next post). The mother’s tongue is going strong though. Apparently that plant happens to be immortal. Well, I guess we’ll have to get rosemary bush number 4 and start all over.

The maple syrup turned out great by the way. I suck at posting updates. That is all.

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