Soups to nuts

After many good intentions to post our first post on our blog we actually did it, and we still managed to fail at documenting the process while making dinner. Baby steps, baby steps… Either way, it was one of our favorite things we’ve made so far, and I have a feeling we’re going to be saying that a lot. Dinner was a spiced butternut squash soup which was from a recipe that we modified. Beth found a pretty kicking recipe on Pinterest and we had a “shooter” of a sample from her sister before we set off on making our own. We had some leftover roasted veg so we tossed that in. The best little secret of the soup was the roasted habanero (sorry for the lack of a ~ my Spanish speaking friends), it really added a little kick but it wasn’t too much. We also had some pork left over from last night and we had a split decision on how we should handle it. I decided to put it in the soup and Beth decided it should stand on its own. Since it had a mustard crust, it was good both ways.

13 - 3

Salad was employed for dramatic photographic effect.

The other high light was a nice salad to start with. It was some mixed greens with sun flower seeds, almonds, raisins, and a homemade dressing that Beth mixed up from a recipe. That had some pep too. It has some serious bite from some pretty good apple cider vinegar. It was a sweet mustard dressing featuring a homemade paleo olive oil mayo. It was pretty awesome.

13 - 1

Raisins on salad. Do it.


A majority of all of the recipes that we mention in passing come from the Well Fed book, which we highly recommend of course. Check out the author’s website here: and we’ll try to do a better job of highlighting which recipes we’re using and what modifications we’ve made if we make any.

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  1. Hi! Welcome to blogging 🙂 I’ll add you to my nightly spin around the internet. You should def post the squash recipes you do. I have a basement full of it!

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