The Mosquitoes, They Suck.

This post is just a general post with no real goal. Well, it didn’t until I heard such a lovely sound, the sound of a bug zapper electrocuting my arch nemesis, the mosquito. Beth warned me when I moved in that the mosquitoes were so bad in the backyard in the summer that I would have to “suit up” in order to work in the yard. I grew up in the country and thought that the country would have it worse, but I was very mistaken. Last year the mosquitoes weren’t so bad but this year, it’s been raining so much the mosquitoes are just awful. At one point they just exploded in the backyard. I remember it like it was yesterday: Two weeks ago I arrived home before Beth and decided to let the dogs out into the backyard, and when I do that I generally like to go inspect the vegetable garden. I took two steps out into the backyard and was overtaken and was almost carried away. After retreating to the garage I made a hasty drive to home depot looking for the best way to rid the yard of the winged demons.

After finding a yard spray I made a dash into the backyard and hooked the bottle up to hose and drenched the backyard and anything I could reach with the hose. Plan B was to hook up the bug zapper that is supposed to clear an acre of yard of the blood suckers. The spray worked great for the last couple of weeks but the rain is finally catching back up and has diluted the spray and the mosquitoes are making a comeback. The mosquito zapper is working overtime since the mosquitoes have started to make a solid comeback. While the zapper hasn’t made a huge difference it is super satisfying to hear the death sentence tone of ZAP! every few minutes at night.


An instrument of death.


The dogs retreating to the door to escape the winged horde. They both need to have a mosquito wipe down before entering the house, they tend to pick up blood sucking hitch-hikers.

For funsies, My favorite youtube channel of the now: China Uncensored.  I’m slightly addicted to the short 5 minutes clips that have a light hearted tone about some disturbing facts on China. Check it out.

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