Technical Difficulties

As it turns out, if you don’t tend to your wordpress install regularly things just go awry.  Not only that, it could have been down for months because I’m not exactly a frequent poster. Lesson learned there because it was a monster to get everything back going again without losing my previous posts.  Thankfully my database was still in tack so all I had to do was log back into my database during the install and then modify which prefixed database it was pointing too.  It looks like the posts are there but the links to them are broken so I guess I have some more work to do but this is good for today.


So to keep this from happening again in the future I have two options, post more often or set a reminder to log on and check for updates.  I’m hoping to post more often because big news is coming! Sorry for all of you out there that aren’t reading this.  I’ll be more on top of things!


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