Who says everything you make in the kitchen is good…

Well, it happened. I brazenly decided I knew what was best and loosely followed a recipe and it totally backfired. I still blame the ingredients! Beth and I were on a strict paleo kick, and I’ve been feeling great and doing well, but the one thing I miss a lot is pasta and I figured there had to be a good pasta recipe out there. I thought I found one and it seemed simple enough and even sounded good. In a nutshell it was butternut squad, sweet potato, and coconut flour. I blame the coconut flour. I end up making, oh, the biggest butternut squash ever and three sweet potatoes so I have a mountain of this “pasta mix.” and I excitedly put it into the boiling water and it just dissolves into nothingness. Sad. Very sad, and rather distraught, and panic sets in. You do what any good cook does, “save it.” Nope! Made it worse.

God bless my love. Beth steps in and starts coming up with alternative uses for the slop I’ve created. With a total even temperament she starts experimenting herself and we end up deciding to use it like a Shepard’s pie and just put all sorts of goodies in and put the mix on top. We bake it and I end up cramming all of the mix on the top of the ground beef mix. The ratio of mix to topping is about 1:5. One part ground beef to five parts defunct “pasta” mix and the “pasta” mix is… well not so awesome but we didn’t waste it and that was the goal! So we ended up having it for dinner and it was… edible. It sustains life, and that’s about it. Beth always says I’m the most even tempered person ever but she clearly keeps a cool head when things aren’t going well in the kitchen and I’m thankful for that.

Picture of what I will dub: Let’s just call it Shepard’s Pie… OK?


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